The Purpose

At Tie Your Socks, we know that those who want to positively influence their world have to be liked and respected – and even stand out. When John started matching his ties and socks, he got noticed. People loved his fun new wardrobe and respected his expressive, modern outfits. This is why John started Tie Your Sock, to bring you quality fashion that inspires creative class.



The Products

Our top priorities at Tie Your Socks are exceptional design and product quality. Our designs are primarily created by award-winning designer John Thorkildsen.  Our ties are made of silk and our socks bamboo. Bamboo is a surprisingly soft, durable, and eco-friendly fabric that will provide timeless style. Whether you are looking to give the perfect gift, to boost your confidence for that big interview, or simply express yourself, we have exactly what you need.

Specifically, our socks are 80% bamboo strengthened with 20% nylon. This gives the socks all the benefits of bamboo, while keeping the elastic durable with nylon.

Our ties are 100% premium silk which is either woven or printed. A woven tie contains more silk than a printed tie, and will therefore be heavier and typically tie a sturdier knot. A printed tie is capable of holding brighter colors and feels smoother.