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Is Chivalry Dead in today's world? Not if we have anything to say about it!

Webster defines chivalry as "an honorable and polite way of behaving, especially toward women." Chivalry dates back to the middle ages, when knights were noble and loyal.Today, some do consider chivalry as dead. We don't.In a New York Times ed-op piece by Scott Farrell, director of the Chivalry Today Educational Program, he states:"To follow the [...]

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5 Tips To Be More Creative

Creativity can seem to come and go like the wind. One minute, ideas are flying through your head, and the next, they're all gone. Maintaining creative output can be one of the most difficult parts of any job. Here's how you can keep the creative juices flowing: Meditate - Mindfulness meditation isn't just for hippies. Several [...]

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Should you match your socks and your tie?

Neckties and bowties are no longer just drab in color, but adventurous to match your personality! You see bright ties a lot now, on TV anchors, sportscasters and in the white-collar workforce. And, while you may not see it on television, the socks match the ties.Socks are more courageous these days, too. Sometimes they are [...]

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TYS Easter Sale 2015

Happy Easter from Tie Your Socks!Brighten up your Easter with our fun, colorful combos - on sale now!What will you be doing for Easter this year? Will you go to the hopping part of town to hunt for your Easter eggs? Will you be flaunting your 14-carrot Easter basket? How [...]

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Valentine's Day Sale

Save over 25% with Free Shipping on Select CombosIf Saint Valentine were still alive, he would tell every couple to buy Tie Your Socks' matching combos this year. He would know that the gift of the Modern Match is as timeless, lasting, and confident as true love is.Only until Valentine's Day will you see [...]

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The Beauty of Bamboo

Bamboozled? No need to be. Bamboo is the perfect fabric for your socks in every way.Imagine heaven. Now, imagine a heaven for your feet. Our bamboo socks are heaven for your feet. You'll be surprised at how soft, light, and breathable they are. This is because bamboo, unlike cotton or nylon, has [...]

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