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All About That Silk


A tie is a staple in a man's wardrobe, and every man who wears one with any regularity knows that not all ties are created equal. There are patterns galore, of course, as well as solids in a rainbow of colors ranging from bold to pastel. But there is more to consider than pattern or color when choosing a tie. The type of fabric a tie is made from is just as important! In general, there are four basic fabrics used in the manufacture of a tie:

  • wool
  • cotton
  • silk
  • knits

Let's take a brief look at the pros and cons of each fabric to make deciding a little easier:

Wool ties are helpful in cold weather, offering your neck the equivalent protection of a light-weight scarf. They are usually available in modest, somewhat conservative colors. (You rarely find a brightly colored or bold wool tie.) However, they are hot in all but cold weather, making them a tie for use in late fall and winter only.

Cotton ties are casual and relaxed, and though they offer some versatility, they are usually best reserved for casual or outdoor occasions. Cotton ties are best worn in spring and summer.

Silk ties are acceptable options for both casual and formal occasions. Silk is an all-season fabric, appropriate for warm weather, cold weather and everything in between. They also hold their shape better than other fabrics and bounce quickly back without creasing after wearing. Design and color options are virtually unlimited, and when properly cared for, they can last for years.

Knit ties have an interesting texture, and are a step up from a more conservative look. They look modern, but are generally not an everyday choice for most men.

The verdict? The silk tie is the most versatile, quality tie a man can wear. At Tie Your Socks, we've determined that silk ties are superior to other tie fabrics. In fact, silk is the only fabric we use! Check out our amazing selection and treat yourself to a new silk tie!

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