Labor Day Sale - ​Try Matching Your Tie and Socks!

3rd Sep 2016

Well, now, isn't that a colorful idea? Should you match your ties and socks? Are you hip? Well, if not, isn't it time to get with it? Getting ready for work can be such an oh so hum-drum, lifeless, and rote thing to do. Is your sock drawer full of black and brown socks, maybe some navy blue too? But you said you were hip...Black, brown, and navy blue socks are so yesterday and they are definitely not hip. So why not have some fun with your wardrobe?

Brighten up your presentation with a matching pair of socks and ties. It is well-known that you are what you eat, but it is even more true that the fashion you select for your day will show who you are. You are not someone influenced by the latest fashion but the fashion you choose will certainly say a lot about the respect you have for yourself. It is undeniable that the respect you show yourself will demonstrate the respect you are likely to show others.

Our colorful selection of socks are made from bamboo fibers. Bamboo is highly self-absorbent, able to wick away moisture that could lead to fungal infections. Wearing a pair of bamboo socks is like walking barefoot across a meadow of freshly grown and thickly cushioned carpet of Yosemite grass. You will never want to stop wearing your bamboo socks so meticulously designed with the comfort of your feet a priority.

Our colorful selection of ties are made from 100% premium silk. A woven silk tie is comprised of more silk than a printed tie making it heavier, allowing to tie a more robust knot. In comparison, a printed silk tie is able to maintain brighter colors for a longer period of time.

If you want your day smooth as silk, unencumbered with the concern that you didn't dress with the elegant and creative class of a gentleman, then why not have some fun with your wardrobe? Should you match your ties and socks? You decide. But here at Tie Your Socks, we are excited with the possibility of enhancing your day by adding panache, purpose, and color to your style. Contact us today! We welcome and look forward to your inquiry!