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How To Be More Creative: Creativity Can Be Learned


Have you ever watched a magician and said to yourself "How did he make that coin disappear?" Instead, try asking "If I wanted to make that coin look like it disappeared, how would I do it?" Right away your mind starts coming up with ideas. Creativity isn't just a gift that some people have. There are specific ways to spark your creativity and come up with innovative ideas.

How to be more creative isn't really a mystery. There is a lot written about it and it is something you can research and study like you study anything else. Here are some tips that creative people use:

- Get rid of limiting thoughts. Decide you want to be creative and stop trying to quiet that little kid inside of you. Figure out how you can do it. Read books about the topic, listen to TED talks, talk to others and get inspired.

- Rephrase the question. As in the magician example above, change the question. Instead of thinking about how you can write a great article, for example, think about what kind of article you would like to read and write it from a reader's perspective.

- Relax/Daydream. Some of our most inspiring thoughts come when we relax and do something else. Take a walk or do a specific task that doesn't take much thinking like doing dishes or washing the car. Keep a pad and pen handy in case inspiration strikes. In other words, you might think of it as getting yourself in a creative state of mind.

- Try new things and put yourself in new situations to get inspiration. Pretend you are an alien who was just dropped here by the mother ship and explore this strange new world!

- Brainstorm by yourself and with others. You don't need to do this alone. Often, the best ideas come from a group. Bounce ideas off of each other like the writers of successful television shows do.

Being creative is fun! It makes you feel like you are playing instead of working. Give yourself a break, relax and learn to tap into your creative side. It will make you feel like you are actively engaged in life rather than just watching it go by.

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