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The Look of Summer: Match Your Socks and Ties


Summer is a vibrant season, and dressing up your wardrobe with matching ties and socks provides a customized look to your summer style. Bright, cheerful colors represent a season of fun and sun, and your summer apparel reflects a lighthearted casual or formal look.

Complementary Colors for Contrasting Style

Choosing matching elements for your wardrobe is not only about selecting monochrome colors that blend or neutral colors that coordinate. Bright pops of color can change the look of your suit, pant or coat, and they will set your personal style apart from that of your colleagues. As defined by an artist’s palette, complementary colors make bright colors even more distinctive when paired together.

What are Complementary Colors?

Complementary colors are those that sit on opposite sides of the color wheel, including:

  • Red paired with green
  • Blue accented by orange
  • Purple contrasted with yellow

Strong Patterns and Design Elements

Combining complementary colors creates vivid patterns that have a bold style and a strong contrast. As accents for a suit, complementary colors provide unforgettable style along with a touch of whimsy. For example, the blue and orange of our Button Necktie and Button Sock illustrate the power of complementary colors; the vibrant patterns come to life with designs by award-winning John Thorkildsen.

Your Resource for Matching Socks and Ties

Contact us or visit our website to shop for unique and unexpected tie and sock combos featuring complementary colors. As a summer accent, our colorful sock and tie designs add cheer and style to any wardrobe.

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